Hanna's Vision

To raise the rider’s level of knowledge, so that the riding can take place for the sake of pleasure, without the horse’s body or happiness being overburdened or injured.


That the technique becomes so good it is transformed into art, regardless of the level; for even at a lower level the technique can be high enough for art to take place through the communication between rider and horse.


That riding can be pursued on an equal basis between horse and rider, with none of the partners being used. In other words, a mutual understanding takes place between them.


To train instructors that are so good that the level of riding is continuously being raised.


To always be open to new thinking and modern research in, for example, bio-mechanics, in order to learn more about how the horse functions.


To allow the human soul to grow within this forum, so that the person develops the ability to take better care of his or her horse.


To have a great time together with my horses on a daily basis and to meet individuals with curiosity.


To share knowledge and experiences, and to get inspiration on the subject.


To offer, together with my horses, inspiration, experiences and examples.


Vision for the Farm:

That the farm should be a place where one can enjoy these subjects and nature in peace and calm, and have time to reflect.


To have the time to practice these subjects and the opportunity to study and present one’s studies in the form of an academy of the art of riding.