Welcome to Gotland

...Sweden's favorite summer island!

Ekeskogs Riding Academy is located on Gotland, Sweden's biggest and most beautiful island. In this beautiful place, you can combine your riding education with a holiday.


On Gotland, you don’t have to travel far to see the sun rise and watch it sink into the sea on the same day - the sea is always close by. Here you’ll find beaches, sea-stacks, Gotland ponies, historical sites and trendy shopping malls along with a few useful tips before you set off. This is Gotland. Pure and simple.

For more information, visit the official homepage of Gotland.

Population: 57 269 (2010)
Coastline: about 800 km

Hours of sunshine per year: about 2,000 (top ranked in Sweden)
Average annual precipitation: 500-600 mm
Average temperature July-August (24 hrs): 17°C (during the day up to 30
Water temperature July-August: ca 17-23°C


Visby, the capital of the island, is a beautiful medieval World Heritage city as well as a modern harbor, with an airport and cultural activities.


Short information about Visby:

Population: 22 600

Sights: The City Wall, the ruins, Cathedral of St. Mary, the Botanical Garden, the Historical Museum, the beach, and lots, lots more …
Shopping: Wisbyströvet and the St. Hans district.